Educational Center 

"Read to Succeed" is a place where students grow up to their full potential excelling in  thinking, speaking, reading and writing skills.  There are no grades and no deadlines, no means to push the students rather than to motivate them and get them involved. And so we do! 

Our Teachers  

Our teachers represent a team of creative, passionate about education and foward thinking individuals.  We can see the gaps in the existing system of secondary education, and strive to fill them in. 


We believe that every child understands things when there are no "gaps" in the way the information is being presented,  and when the teacher has the patience to listen and to answer all the questions. Our experience demonstrates that every child speaks up when he realizes that his opinion matters and wrong answers are fine.

Boredom is the worst feeling one can have while being in class because it prevents students' minds from learning. This is why we find the subjects that motivate our students to communicate. 

In spite of the fact that the "snap chat" generation sometimes seems to be from another planet, we are still looking for the common ground!


Our main goal and the greatest ambition are to equip our students with oral and written communication skills that are vital for their success in the XXI century! Yes, we want them to get better grades at school and score high at tests, but, above all, we strive to let them grow into adults who are capable of presenting their ideas in a clear and logical way, who know how to to work with the information and can easily adapt to the changing world, and who can think critically and independently. 

Irina Afanaseva helped my son to start writing- he was completely blocked, and LA was his trouble subject in elementary. We tried different tutors throughout 4th and 5th grades with no results (at all). Then signed up for Read to succeed classes and after just a few months my son had improved. Now he’s one of the best student, strong A!!! I hold Irina in the highest regards, she’s so passionate about it and she truly knows what she’s doing.




Our 11 year old daughters are studying at "Read to Succeed" for the last 6 month and we are very happy with progress they are making. We also like that the curriculum is not preset and is being adapted to our requests and the girls’ preferences. Works great so far!




Thanks to "Read to Succeed" my daughter learned the right approach to respond to the questions in writing. Irina has helped her a lot! Unlike many other learning centers, "RTS" really caters to every child's needs and offers an out of the box approach. Most importantly, my daughter loved these classes!