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Writing is a vital skill in the XXI -century.
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It's important to encourage children's creativity.

Our Ingredients of Success

Writing and reading comprehension are both complex process that require lots of effort and various skills, some of which are are completely neglected while a child follows traditional teaching methods. As a result, writing and reading often become a cause for child's anxiety and frustration. To motivate a student and to see much anticipated results, we do the things differently! 

Topics that appeal to young audience encourage students to speak and write.

We provide "food" for thought

Our students are never left one on one with a blank page. 

One of the main reasons why many students find writing so intimidating is a simple fact that they do not know what to say. The subject of an essay prompt might look like a total stranger to a child's mind even if it's a personal essay prompt. Our colorful and visually appealing materials encourage the students to fill the "content jar".  We teach our students to analyze provided information, think and make logical conclusions. 

New information has to be connected to "old" information.
We always create examples for our students to follow.

We set an example

We write for our students: passages, essays, sentences. 

To explain what our expectations as educators are we set an example. We create passages and essays that would appeal to our audience, sparkle their curiosity. We ask the students to help us finding the most dynamic word or a phrase, discuss the choice made and analyze all the strategies that we use as writes. Thus, our students enlarge their vocabulary, learn new "language tools", and, most importantly, feel that they are true collaborators

Travelling back in time sparkles students' imagination.

We demonstrate that writing and reading comprehension are practical skills

Together with our students we write blogs, advertise self-made apps, design and describe cafes, travel back in time and describe our discoveries

Reading and writing are not boring when a young mind see the purpose of doing it. Inevitable challenges are much easier to overcome when a child is passionate about the project he or she is involved into. 

Whether our students want to become IT-specialists or architects, music teachers or marine biologists, an ability to articulate their thoughts well will help pursue their dreams. Spider lovers or food connoisseurs, "Harry Potter" fans or tech savvy minds - we find a way to engage them all!  

Difficult concepts can be made easy-to-grasp!

We explain the laws of communication 

Unlike a popular belief that writing is an inborn talent, we demonstrate that a student can learn how to develop ideas into beautiful passages. 

The common knowledge that every story has the beginning, the middle, and the end doesn't seem to be of much use. What happens in between? We provide an answer to this question by passionately guiding our students and explaining how the laws of oral and written communication work.  Step-by-step, little by little, they grasp the idea and become much more confident in their writing, speaking and reading comprehension skills. 

We find a way for kids to understand grammar.

We make challenging grammar concepts easy to grasp

We start from the very basics and make sure that information about grammar transforms in our students' minds into a well-organized system. 

The word "grammar" usually brings a scowl on our students' faces. We found a remedy against it. Alternative ways of explanations, terms that make sense to young audience and activities that make our students feel competitive and encouraged to try again. 





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