Our Classes 

Writing Lab

Based on our experience, we build our writing classes so that our students gradually master one skill after another, feeling comfortable reaching the next level. Our writing classes are never only about writing, as in order to write something, a person has to say something, and in order to say something, one has to think something. This is why this section is called a "Writing Lab". By adding and mixing various elements, we finally get what we all are looking for - an enthusiastic writer who can beautifully express his or her thoughts about any subject!

Discover the World of Writing (4th-5th graders)

When your child starts to write, he is all over the place or he doesn't know where to start? The sentences are too short and clumsy, or they seem to never end? This class will help your child to dive in smoothly into the world of written communication. The first steps might be shaky, but the writing projects that are designed to motivate and encourage young learners to express themselves, attention to every student individual needs and our teaching methods will zoom your child's confidence as a writer! In this class we create a solid base for the future by emphasizing the importance of writing  for "the reader", by expanding our students' vocabulary and developing their eye for a detail. 

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Tickle Your Creativity Buds (5th-6th graders)

Your child loves writing (lucky you!), but school educational environment doesn't provide enough time and space for his or her creative outburst? This class will give your child an opportunity to experiment, challenge him or herself and compete against other  peer writers. By going far beyond the existing school curriculum and  learning more about the rhetorical power of words and practical value of writing, your child will bring her or his writing skills to a whole new level!


Write Like a Pro (6th-8th graders)

An ability to understand a short story or a novel and express your own thoughts in writing, to create a strong and truly persuasive argumentative essay, to get the gist of a non-fiction article and to weave the needed information into one's essay  - these are the skills that become the focus of our attention. For our students to excel, we choose the subjects that do both - evoke their interest and broaden their horizons. Through at times heated discussions and close monitoring of our students' work, we help students develop their critical thinking skills and work with the logic of their thought flow. Most importantly, we make sure they learn to  build the fabric of their essays basing on the principles of written communication


Speak to


Words were not created to be crammed the night before the test, they were meant to be used naturally in a conversation when needed. Our oral communication classes are build in a way to urge your child grow of his/her communication comfort zone and feel the need for a new word, new expression and a new sentence structure, or even the right intonation that fits the message. Studying the skill of verbal and acting improvisation as well as the basics of the art of public speaking is a fun and an engaging way to enlarge vocabulary, enhance narrative skills, and improve the logic of the thought flow. Not only does an oral communication  class  help get confidence while addressing the audience, but also leads the way to excellence in writing.
Tell me a story!  (4th-5th graders)

Is your child ready to step into the shoes of a famous interviewer or try his or her talents as a stand up comedy artist? Even telling a simple story about the day spent or presenting a recent invention of your own might be an opportunity to become a better speaker!  Through fun and engaging activities and verbal games our students will take necessary steps towards making the speech vivid and eloquent! 

Find your voice!  (6th-7th graders)

In the times when most of the teenagers are lost in their snap chats, we help our students realize the impact of their opinions on the others and the power of the effectively used words. Through prepared and impromptu speaking,  they learn to create stories that make a point, to develop a compelling structure and a solid content. An immediate feedback from the peers, constructive criticism and encouragement provided by the instructors become a turning point that allow your child's oral communication skills blossom. 



Reading can be a pleasure instead of a torture. It only takes to find a book that fits and an approach that works. Easier said than done, but at "Read to Succeed" we believe that we've found both. Our classes are "gyms" for minds where students advance at various cognitive skills and get motivated to read more. 

Book spies  (4th-5th graders)

Any good short story, or a novel, or even a non-fiction article is full of mysteries ​that are awaiting to be solved. To get the puzzle together, our students turn into book spies and compete against the members of the other team. In order to win, our students will need to develop an eye for a detail, learn to work with the context, use his or her critical thinking and analytical skills, know how to "read" metaphors and symbols, see the difference between literal and figurative meanings and much more! 

Fix your connection!  (6th-7th graders)

We help our students "fix" their connection to literature if needed and go far beyond the school curriculum. Knowing what an advantage a thoughtful reader has against his or her peers, we encourage our students become the ones. Deep analysis of short stories and heated debates over non-fiction texts, humorous undertone and the use of various art media provide an educational atmosphere that makes reading an enjoyable process. 

Exam Prep

 (4th-8th graders)

Any exam is a battle, so let your warrior be well equipped with effective test-taking strategies  and necessary reading and writing skills. Our exam preparation allows our students to build a systematic approach to