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When children are curious and motivated to learn, it's a whole game changer.

Reading inspires you to think. 

Thinking logically enables you to write and speak well.

Once you learn to speak and write well,

you can

conquer the world!

We are ready to start!!!! 

September 11th


in-person and online

Young children will become great writers under our guidance.

Writing LAb

(4th-9th grades)

Be creative and spontaneous, and develop your imagination and analytical skills so your language becomes picturesque and your writing coherent. 

Reading becomes fun if the book is chosen wisely,

Reading Enthusiasts 

Reading can be fun! Join us to find the stories you've never read before. Take part in "book spies" competitions and heated debates about the author's message interpretation. Become a keen and thoughtful reader! 

(4th-8th grades)

A skill to communicate one's ideas clearly is vital.

Speak to Lead

Enlarge your vocabulary and feel the power of words while improvising, acting, and learning to speak clearly and confidently about the topics that matter to you!

(4th-7th grades)



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