Sandy Beach

Summer is the time to sail free to new adventures, get out of the box and let your imagination run wild! 

Join Our Summer Writing Fun!!!



Week I 

It's summer and we will do something  that everyone enjoys - writing stories.  Funny stories, spooky stories, stories about future - your kid will find something that is going to be his or her cup of tea. Never tell him/her this, but on our plate next to that cup of tea are the basics of written communication, new words to discover and the process of development their cognitive and analytical skills. 



Your child will be a 3d grader next academic year? He or she will have a chance to describe an encounter with an alien. Describing something doesn't always come easy. Should we start with a head or a tail to help the reader see the creature? Why some stories are interesting and some are boring? How to write a story so that everything logical and clear? These are some of the things that we're going to discuss while writing. 




Your child is about to start the 4th grade, and he/she has never been to  the magic land of Beauscenty?! This is the high time to let him/her seize the opportunity! Why do we need synonyms? How to catch an idea that is about to appear in one's mind? What is a rhythm of a paragraph? We will find the answers together! 



What does it feel like living in a smart house? Your future 5th grader probably wishes he/she could experience this! What if the house "brain" gets a glitch? O-Oh! We will imagine this experience and create a diary. The logic of the narration, describing someones feelings and adding direct speech, as well as the variety of the sentence structures  will be the center of our attention. 

Our classes will be held on Zoom and be an hour long.

4-5 people in a group.